Our work in the commercial sector includes a diverse range of project types including large, nationally known companies and smaller, locally owned businesses.  We excel in the fast-paced world in which our developer clients work and we are able to respond with site designs that are cost-effective to permit and construct.  We are familiar with design criteria around truck deliveries, parking and circulation patterns required in commercial spaces, and how to incorporate drainage and utility infrastructure into the overall site design.  We work well with architects and design-build firms to collaborate on the interface between the building and the site.  We are well versed in the local, state, and federal permitting requirements for commercial site development and we assist our clients by outlining realistic timelines that allow for reliable project planning for the developer.  Our commercial clients rely on our environmental professionals to complete environmental site assessments, assist with contaminated site remediation, and advise on any potential environmental concerns prior to property acquisition.  Our surveyors frequently complete subdivisions, lease area plans, ALTA surveys, and construction survey in support of commercial development projects. We know what it takes up front to assist our clients in project development and once the project is underway, we move quickly to secure permits and prepare construction plans.

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