Project Funding Support

Horizons Engineering has provided assistance to numerous New England municipalities, precincts and mobile home parks with infrastructure improvements.  We work with our clients to develop the right engineering solution for their water or sewer needs and then continue to work with them to find the right funding package.  Oftentimes, it is not that the municipality does not want to make the needed improvements, but that they need assistance with setting priorities, defining the project, seeking funding and working with a professional through the engineering design and construction phases to meet the myriad of permitting and funding requirements.


In 2018, Horizons successfully worked with our Clients to obtain funds from USDA Rural Development for the completion of Preliminary Engineering Reports – we helped our Clients receive the only three SEARCH and PER grants that were awarded in the state of New Hampshire.  In 2019, we worked with numerous Clients on applications to the 2019 Drinking Water SRF program and 5 of our Clients are on the project priority list for the 11 projects approved for funding, totaling $6million in construction funds. We have also successfully worked with the Drinking Water Trust Fund, most recently in the 2019 application round securing funding for 4 of our projects (only 12 projects were funded statewide) and in the emergency funding round, securing one of the first emergency grants awarded from the Drinking Water Trust Fund.  We also work with the Community Development Block Grant programs to assist our Clients with emergency funding as well as regular infrastructure projects.

What differentiates Horizons Engineering is our ability to assist with both the Engineering Design and Construction Phases of a project AND the funding side.  We understand the complexities of navigating the permitting and funding agency requirements and work with our Clients every step of the way.

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