The evolving energy sector in northern New England has presented Horizons with many opportunities to provide services for wind, solar, Hydro, electric, gas and vehicle charging station projects. With the more recent focus on solar energy, Horizons has become very involved in this sector. Our work at dams for the hydroelectric industry has involved design and permitting of improvements and repairs as well as providing support services. Horizons services in the electric and gas sectors have been focused extensively on providing land surveying services for route location and existing conditions, ROW, identification of encroachments, substations, permitting assistance, civil site design and survey stakeout.  With the advent of electric vehicles, Horizons has recently been involved in the site selection process for electric vehicle charging stations. Horizons' expansion into underground utility assessment and characterization has proven to be a valuable service for our energy clients who need to understand the location of existing buried utilities within their project sites.

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