Due Diligence

The objective of environmental due diligence is to identify pre-existing conditions and avoid “hidden” liability issues or future false claims associated with a property or business.

Liability Assistance

Often during due diligence projects, issues are identified that were not readily apparent at the project outset, and the potential liability arising from these issues must be addressed. Horizons provides a diverse team of environmental experts with a depth of technical and regulatory expertise to address a wide range of environmental and regulatory issues and associated cost implications.

Practical Problem Solving

Environmental due diligence projects often run on accelerated schedules, have many moving parts and stakeholders, and can be an important part of complex business deals. This time-sensitivity and, quite often, strict confidentiality, necessitates the ability to accurately collect, organize, and communicate environmental liability information clearly and concisely. At Horizons Engineering, we are all about strategic thinking and practical problem-solving, making us a particularly effective partner in conducting environmental due diligence activities.

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