The Trust for Public Land - Mink Brook Conservation Area

Mink Brook Conservation
Location Hanover, NH
Type Boundary Survey Boundary Reconnaissance Baseline Documentation
Funding Sources

In 2020, Horizons was engaged by The Trust for Public Land to complete a boundary survey, subdivision and lot line adjustment of two parcels of land situated in Hanover, New Hampshire as part of the Mink Brook Conservation Project. The parcels, approximately 164 and 94 acres in area, were located in wooded, mountainous area and were part of an old family owned property. Horizons completed land records research and field survey using precision GPS and total station methods to identify all boundary evidence. Several prior surveys of the subject and abutting parcels were compiled and used for reconnaissance and determination of boundary lines. The project consisted of a subdivision of the house lot for sale by the easement holder to help fund the project, and a lot line adjustment with the Town of Hanover for a water tank located within the project limits. Horizons worked closely with town planners, and a separate piece was subdivided for potential future expansion as a workforce housing area. Final plans were recorded in the registry of deeds, and the perimeter easement boundaries were blazed and painted for future identification and monitoring.

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